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[edit] Overview

The Wolfen is the aerial ship piloted by members of the Star Wolf Team, a rival band of mercenaries. The Wolfen performs similarly to the Arwing, although it also boasts a few extras of its own.

The Wolfen comes with a front mounted laser that can be fired in rapid succession. Lock on plasma bolts can be charged and fired too, and smart bombs can be fired off. Typically Star Wolf themselves don't seem to use weapon functions other than the standard laser.

The ship also possesses the ability to perform flips to evade pursuers. The upgraded ships at Venom in Star Fox 64 (also known as the Wolfen Mk II) can even perform flips twice in a row. These ships also possess the same boost and brake functions. They also seem capable of banking and performing their own barrel rolls.

One major feature of the Wolfen is the inclusion of special shields that prevent plasma bolts and bombs from having any effect, causing the Star Fox Team to rely on pure laser fire to take them down.

[edit] Appearances

Wolf chases Fox on Fortuna

[edit] Star Fox 64

The first appearance of the Wolfen. These ships are piloted by the Star Wolf team, and are found either on Fortuna, Bolse Defence Satellite or Venom, depending on the route taken through the game. If a player hangs around for long enough shooting ships down in the final area of training then Wolfen ships will start to come in as well.

[edit] Star Fox: Assault

Once again used by Star Wolf in this game as they both fight against and with Star Fox. The Wolfen can also be used in multiplayer battles.

[edit] Star Fox Command

Star Wolf return in this game, and so does the Wolfen. However, only Wolf O'Donnell continues to pilot this ship, as the other team members have switched to their own ships. The player can directly use a Wolfen in some situations as well. The Wolfen possesses twin lasers, multi lock, 1 bomb capacity, good shields and excellent boost.

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Melee

The Wolfen appears as an obtainable trophy in this game. It also sometimes appears on the Corneria stage, where it fires its lasers and then flies off-screen.

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The Wolfen is once again a trophy in this game. Since the Melee Corneria stage returns then it reprises its role there too. It also appears on the Lylat Cruise stage. Finally, Wolf uses it for his stage entrance.

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