Planet Venom as it appears in Super Smash Bros.

[edit] Overivew (Star Fox)

  • Courses: 1,2 & 3

This is where Andross' base is centered, the hostile planet of Venom, this planet is meteorologically active with violent thunderstorms, and the clouds are so thick, that light from stars are not enough to reach the surface. As the you encounter the forces at Venom you will fight them in 3 sections, first you will fight the forces in Venom's orbit them on the planet's surface, then you face Andross himself in his own "Core Brain". In Course 2, you have the opportunity to take Andross' forces by surprise by going into the Core Brain in the back corridor.

  • Bosses



[edit] Overview (Star Fox 64)


Venom, as the name may suggest, is an inhospitable planet that has been the source of problems for the Lylat System. Andross is banished here prior to the events of Star Fox and Star Fox 64, and it is also where he launches his invasion of the Lylat System. In Star Fox Command the Anglar forces come from Venom in an effort to destroy the Lylat System.

The planet is a barren wasteland awash in a green-yellow color scheme. There are also acidic oceans on the surface and valleys run through the land. A temple is also situated past the valleys, seemingly connected to golems. There are also some more mechanical installations, such as ship bays and tunnels.

In Star Fox 64 there are two versions of Venom. Entering Venom via Bolse Defence Satellite has a gauntlet-style run with multiple paths and a boss battle against a large golem before reaching the final battle. Entering via Area 6 takes the team straight to the entrance to the final battle, but not before the Star Wolf team turns up to interfere. The medal score on both versions of Venom is the same.

As well as featuring in the Star Fox games, Venom also appears as a stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee, where the fighting takes place on the exterior of the Great Fox as it flies above the planet's surface.





200 hits (Star Fox 64)



Golem (Star Fox 64)

Only via Bolse. This boss spends the whole fight running away from Fox, but he attacks by slamming the walls and floor, causing stone pillars to erupt and block your path. The player must fire the lasers to destroy every part of the Golem's body (head, arms, legs, torso), and then fire on its exposed core.

Star Wolf (Star Fox 64)

Only via Area 6. Very shortly after entering the stage this team will appear. As with other encounters, each Star Wolf member will target a specific member of your team (Wolf after Fox, Leon after Falco, Pigma after Peppy and Andrew after Slippy). The team will also have better ships than in other encounters, boasting better lasers, increased boost gauges (allowing for two flips in a row) and shields that protect from plasma bolts. Smart bombs are also ineffective here.

The aim here is to chase after each Star Wolf member, firing lasers into them as much as possible. The player will often have to go to the aid of the other Star Fox pilots or risk losing them. Sharp turning and effective timing of flips is necessary here, as well as watching the radar screen to see where the enemy is. Defeating a Star Wolf member quickly here earns a hit bonus of +50.

Andross (Star Fox 64)

Andross takes the form of a disembodied giant head and hands. He attacks by swiping at you, firing lasers from his eyes and even trying to suck up the Arwing to chew on and then exhaling a storm of rocks. Both hands must be shot until destroyed, then the eyes must be shot out. Shooting the eyes while his hands are intact will stun him. Once his eyes have been shot enough Andross will change forms, depending entirely on which route was taken.

If the player entered from Bolse then a large robotic head somewhat resembling Andross will appear. The goal is simply to keep shooting the head until it is gone, although Andross will attempt to ram you repeatedly.

If the player entered from Area 6 then a large brain and two eyes attached to the brain by some form of electrical current will remain. Game play switches to all range mode for this. The eyes must be shot out first, although they will attempt to ram you and fire weak lasers. Once gone the brain itself comes after Fox. There is a tumour-like object on the brain that must be shot, but the brain will chase after Fox, making such an attempt difficult. The brain will teleport to a different part of the arena if Fox shoots at it enough and if Fox gets caught by the brain then it will cause heavy damage by trapping the Arwing in its hanging tendrils.

Unlike the Bolse route version, Fox will have to fly out of a maze of tunnels afterwards, but he will be led by the ship of his father, James McCloud.

Andross (Star Fox)

In this game Andross takes the form of a giant disembodied head with a somewhat metallic outward appearance and a blocky form. Andross initially attacks by launching tiles at Fox from his eyes. At set intervals he will attempt to suck up objects, including Fox himself, and then spew out a storm of tiles. Andross's eyes are the weak spot, and must be shot out. When both are gone the face disintegrates, leaving behind a spinning cube with Andross' face on each side. True damage to Andross is done by shooting this. After a shot while Andross' face reassembles and the routine continues.

If Andross is reached by taking the third route through the game then he will have a few extra tricks. While his face is present we will also fire lasers and plasma bolts. Also, once the cube has taken a certain amount of damage the face reassembles into a more monstrous form (although still somewhat metallic and blocky).

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