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Current Star Fox Team from left to right - Krystal, Fox McCloud, Slippy Toad and Falco Lombardi


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[edit] Star Fox

Andross, once banished to Venom, declares war and sends his armies across the Lylat System. With the Cornerian Army struggling to cope the Star Fox team is brought in. The player takes control of Fox McCloud and takes an active role in destroying the Venom forces. You team at this time is Falco, Peppy and Slippy. The rest of the team contributes very little during this game as their main purpose seems to be to serve as rescue victims where the player must shoot down enemies chasing them. If pursuing enemies are not shot down fast enough then they will lose 1/4 of their shield energy, and if they lose all of it then they disappear from play until the next playthrough. Unlike Fox, their shield gauges do not refill between levels.

[edit] Star Fox 64

This game reimagines the events of the original game by once again putting the story as Andross' armies of Venom waging war across the Lylat System, causing General Pepper to call in the team to fight back. Once again Fox is the only playable character in the single player campaign. The rest of the team is Falco, Peppy, Slippy and R0B 64. R0B's only purpose is to provide support as he controls the Great Fox. Because of this, the only time R0B is physically on the visible battlefield is during Sector Z.

The other team members take a slightly more active role in this game. For the most part they still require saving at multiple points throughout the game, even going so far as to have individual members of the Star Wold team chase after specific members of your team. Thankfully their shield gauges refill at the end of each level based on the number of hits you scored and even when shot down they only vanish for one level before returning in the next.

Keeping pilots active is encouraged more this time around. Slippy provides a health gauge display for any bosses you fight while he is around and Falco either helps or is required to reach some of the hard path exits (Sector Y is impossible to reach without him). Peppy is essentially the advice guy, whose tip in this game to "do a barrel roll" gave birth to an Internet meme. Also worth of note that medals are only rewarded if you three team members are still active.

This game also marked the first time that Falco, Peppy and Slippy were playable, although this was restricted to the multiplayer part of the game and each player was assigned a pilot automatically based on what player number they are.

[edit] Star Fox Adventures

The team are requested to investigate the mysterious Dinosaur Planet (later to be called Sauria) by General Pepper. Fox is the only playable character in here. Falco is away on an indepedant mission during these events, although does eventually return before the end and plays a minor supporting role. Peppy, Slippy and R0B are onboard the Great Fox but because most of the action takes place on foot then their roles are limited to advice. Krystal makes her first appearance here as the damsel in distress, but she is not yet part of the team.

[edit] Star Fox: Assault

Peppy has officially left the team and Krystal becomes its newest member. The team are called in to fight against the Aparoid threat.

[edit] Star Fox Command

By the time the events of Command occur the team has completely disbanded, with Fox and R0B travelling alone when the Anglar Empire rises from Venom to overthrow the Lylat System. On most paths the Star Fox team reforms in one form or another, although this differs depending on the choices made by the player. Fox is usually the main character used by the player but not the only one, and storyline choices can shift the focus onto other team members.

Since various pilots are directly playable and engage in individual skirmishes then the concept of saving team members no longer applies, but the player can use the strategy element to pick and choose who gets to complete the missions. The team all now use vastly different ships as well, with Fox and Peppy being the only ones to use an Arwing.

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