Star Fox 64 Walkthrough: Part 4e


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Time to finish the Aquas Mission and get to our next mission

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A little after the checkpoint, it would be wise of you to use the brakes. This will be after Peppy says he has a bad feeling about this. The reason you're braking is to avoid getting crushed by numerous boulders. After the boulders, Fox will say that he's detected the bio-weapon and go to take it out. After a short ways, you will come before a giant clam and Bacoon will reveal itself. Peppy and the others will tell you to shoot the columns, but if you're going for the medal score on Aquas, go for the mortars attached to Bacoon's top shell. Once you take those out, go for the columns. You will need to use regular laser fire most of the time as the torpedoes will lock-on to the area with the eye. When the columns light up, use torpedoes as quickly as possible. Once the columns are down, settle in the middle and just abuse the lasers and torpedoes to eventually defeat Bacoon. Fox will dock with the Blue Marine and the team will move on to the next planet.

[edit] Zoness Mission Walkthrough

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Mission No. 4= Zoness; Toxic Waste Area
Invasion Aftermath

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The pollution from Aquas appears to have been aimed at Zoness where the water is a putrid dark, green color. After informing General Pepper of an enemy base being located on Zoness, the Star Fox Team heads out to take out the base. Enemies will be abound here. There are actually quite a few just below the water's surface, so be sure to use Charge Shots early and often to get some quick and easy points. After the hectic start, Slippy will tell you to watch out for the searchlights ahead.

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There are searchlights up ahead. Do you want to take them out, or do they not concern you?

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