Star Fox 64 Walkthrough: Part 2a


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So you're not one to show off huh? Well, better to be safe and not make your wingmates jealous. Let's continue on.

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[edit] Corneria Mission Finish

Take out the skiiers while not running into the stone arches. Upon getting past the stone arches, Peppy will be in trouble, but he will eventually shake off the enemy. You can still shoot it if you manage to lock on to the enemy chasing him. Slippy will spot an enemy robot ahead and the team will charge in. Before the battle can begin, Fox will tell everyone to enter all-range mode. In this mode, you are able to fly where you want to instead of a fixed path like you had to for most of the Corneria level. Once you enter all-range mode, you will do battle with the boss for this route, Granga. Defeating him is rather easy. Simply go after his legs to immobilize him and then aim for the power source on his back. Once Granga is destroyed, the Star Fox Team will move on to the next mission.

[edit] Meteo Mission

[edit] Mission Details

Mission No. 2 Meteo; Asteroid Field
Into the Asteroid Field

[edit] Mission Walkthrough

After clearing Corneria, the Star Fox Team will head into the Asteroid Field to take on the opposition. The level starts out slowly with the only things you can shoot being asteroids. After that, Peppy will begin to wonder why it's so quiet, but then warn you of a trap up ahead. Use a Smart Bomb here to minimize any damage taken. There will be a few enemies after that including two uniquely long enemies. Destroy them all and then perform a somersault to grab a Smart Bomb, gold ring, and silver ring. Slippy will warn you of some large asteroids up ahead and you must navigate around them. Toward the end of the section, you will need to follow Peppy's orders to brake and boost to avoid getting smashed by two sets of asteroids on a collision course with your Arwing. Once you clear them, ROB will send you some supplies. As you get to the supply box, Falco will warn you of a group of enemies trying to sneak up behind you. Use a somersault to get behind them and get whatever is in the supply box. After this, Peppy will get chased down by another group of enemies. Use a Charge Shot to get rid of them and continue on. There will be multiple groups of enemies up ahead where Charge Shots are extremely useful. Before entering the next tunnel, there will be another unique enemy that will come from behind in a spiral-like motion. Shoot all the parts of it to stop the spiral and continue on. Once you get about halfway through the tunnel, fire off a bomb as there is a horde of enemies up ahead. Shoot any remaining enemies with your lasers and nab the gold ring that comes out of the asteroid Falco shoots for you. Slippy is then chased down by 3 enemies, but they then turn their attention to you. Shoot them down as quickly as possible while you pass through the Checkpoint. Slippy will instruct you to hold the A(B) button to charge your lasers as you come up on tight groups of enemies and some uniquely colored rings.

[edit] Question

There are some uniquely colored rings up ahead. Should you go through them or not?

[edit] Answers

Yes, I'll go through these rings
If rings aren't gold or silver, I don't trust them

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