Star Fox 64 Walkthrough: Part 1


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[edit] Part 1 Introduction

After hearing about the past that leads up to Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D, you will get your first look at the map of the Lylat System. Click on Corneria to begin your adventure and this transmission between General Pepper and the Star Fox Team:
General Pepper= It's about time you showed up Fox! You're the only hope for our world.
Fox= I'll do my best. Andross won't have his way with me.

[edit] Guide

[edit] Mission Details

Mission no. 1: Corneria; Former Army Base
Enter Star Fox

[edit] Mission Walkthrough

After giving instructions to his team, including to check their G-Diffuser system, Fox will see enemies up ahead and the action will begin. Most of the enemies in this first part are easy as they will either be by themselves, or in tight groups that can be taken out with one charge shot. Things will quickly turn crazy as Peppy will try to call Slippy back and then warn him that there's a bogey on his tail. Have a charge shot ready and lean toward the far left-hand side of the screen as Slippy will come from that direction. As soon as you lock on to the enemy, fire the charge shot to save Slippy. After this, a few more enemies will appear from above right as you enter Corneria city now. It's been ravaged like a typical war zone would look like, so it isn't much of a city anymore. As you exit the main city, Peppy will warn you that you have an enemy on your tail and then instruct you to use the brake. Either use the brake or use a sommersault to shake the enemy and take them down. If you're after the Corneria medal score, it's advised to have a Charge Shot ready when you brake and then to take out the large enemies next to the towers that will try to move them down on you. Each give off a Hit+5 so hit as many of them as you can. After this area, you will get to the Checkpoint. Falco will go after a group of enemies and ask you to get the ones behind him. However, his G-Diffuser system will malfunction and leave him vulnerable to the group of enemies behind him. Peppy will instruct you to use the boost to chase. This will help you get closer to Falco and prevent your shots from being blocked by the towers Falco is trying to fly around to break free. Once you save him, there will be a group of enemies and Peppy will instruct you to do a Barrel Roll. Should you have a Charge Shot ready as you clear the tall terrain, this will not be necessary as you will take out 3 of the 4 enemies. You will then come across 2 more of the large red enemies that give off a Hit+5 for taking them out followed by a group of 3 ground-based enemies that can be taken out with a single Charge Shot. After that, there will be some stone arches up ahead with a enough room underneath them and a lot of room around them.

[edit] Question

Do you want to show off to your wingmates by flying underneath all of the arches or is showing off not your thing?

[edit] Answers

Show Off
Not my thing

[edit] Featured Characters

General Pepper
Fox McCloud
Peppy Hare
Falco Lombardi
Slippy Toad

[edit] Vehicle(s) Used


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