Star Fox 2

Box art for Starfox 2

[edit] Overview

Starfox 2 was to be the second game in the Starfox series, and also the second Starfox title on the SNES. Set as a direct sequel to Starfox, Starfox 2 featured the return of a badly injured Andross as he tried once again to take over the Lylat System. the traditional Starfox team, along with two new members; Fay (originally slated to be Fara Pheonix) and Miyu are recruited to wipe out Andross' forces and defeat the mad scientist.

The game mechanics where drastically changed from the first game. Unlike the set paths of Starfox, Starfox 2's stages where set in cube shaped spaces and the player could fly anywhere within that space. This feature would later go on to be incorporated into future games where it was referred to as All-Range Mode.

The Main Map from Starfox 2, all of the strategic play is done on this map
Also different was the fact that the game was based on the opening map which played like a war strategy game. The map displayed numerous planets, a few battle ships, an asteroid belt and Andross' satilite/base. The planets and battle ships could release enemies who all moved toward the home planet of Corneria. If the enemies reached Corneria, damage would be done to it and if the damage reached 100% the game was over. This made it crucial to use strategy to prevent Andross' forces from reaching Corneria.

But despite the game's Pioneering features and spectacular graphics (for the time), the title was quietly dropped a few months before release. Although no official reason was ever given, the popular opinion is that the game was scrapped because of the upcoming release of the Nintendo 64, and Nintendo's wanting to focus development on that. Many of the innovative features of Starfox 2 where incorporated into Starfox 64/Lylat Wars and Starfox Command.

[edit] Computer Release

Despite never being officially finished, numerous ROM versions found their way onto the internet, and thus many people have downloaded the game to play by emulation. Some people have even written 'patches' that effectively give the game a finished feel. nevertheless, many fans still hold hope that the title will be completed and released on a hand-held system like the Nintendo DS.

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