Star Fox (Game)

Star Fox
Star Fox.jpgNorth American Boxart (SNES)
DeveloperNintendo EAD, Argonaut Software
Designer(s)Shigeru Miyamoto, Takaya Imamura
Release DateJapan - February 21st 1993

North America - March 1st 1993

Europe - June 3rd 1993
GenreRail Shooter
Mode(s)Single Player
MediaCartridge with SuperFX chip
Input MethodsSNES controller


[edit] Overview

Star Fox was a game for the Super NES. One of the very first home console video games to feature 3-D graphics, You control an arwing, which shoots not only lasers but uses powerful nova bombs, you can also choose which course you want to take, there are 3 courses and each with its own difficulty level.

[edit] Story

Peace in the Lylat System is shattered when Emperor Andross declares war from his home base on Venom. Andross was formally a scientist who was banished from Corneria for repeatedly conducting dangerous experiments and ignoring warnings to stop, who subsequently fled to Venom and built a military empire with which he hoped to overthrow the entire system.

In an effort to fight back against the threat General Pepper deploys the prototype Arwing, but has no time to train pilots to fly them. He decides to call in the Star Fox team, led by Fox McCloud, to push back the invading forces and take the fight all the way to Venom itself to defeat Andross and put an end to the war.

[edit] Gameplay

Players assume the role of Fox McCloud piloting an Arwing ship as they fight against the Venom forces to restore peace to the Lylat system. Every mission in the game is done as an on rails 3D shooter where the camera remains behind the ship as it travels along fixed routes through each level, culmulating in a boss battle where the target remains onscreen in front of fox until one side is defeated.

Although the player is on a fixed route they are afforded some degree of control. The ship can be moved around onscreen, which is done both to target enemies and to avoid taking damage. The ability to boost and brake are also offered, although both are limited by the boost gauge. Using either feature drains a single gauge, which automatically refills when not in use. Banking is much more important in this game as well, as the ship moves faster when the relevant shoulder button is held to bank in that direction.

The Arwing also possesses the means to engage in aerial dogfights. The main form of offence is in the form of a laser cannon. This starts as a single cannon but can be upgraded to twin with the relevant power-up. The laser can be used without limit, but in this first game there is no lock-on feature, forcing players to manually aim at everything. A helpful onscreen cursor shows where the player is aiming. When things are getting problematic then the player can alos opt to launch a nova bomb, which would obliterate all non-boss enemy forces within the large blast radius. The destructive power is sueful for escaping large hordes but is understandably more limited in usage as Fox only holds a number of these bombs, although extra bombs can be picked up during play. For defensive purposes the Arwing relies heavily on evading dangers but can also try using a barrel roll for extra protection against heavy laser fire, although this will not help with physical obstacles.

The main danger Fox faces are the hordes of enemies spread through the game. Most will simply spray laser fire around and are easily killed with a few laser shots, although some will try more physical attacks. The environment also presents a large problemm as structures will often get in the way. At the end of each stage the player will face a boss that is notably more durable than the generic enemies and will act more aggressive. When the Arwing is hit its shield energy will drop and the ship will be destroyed when this energy hits zero. Shield energy is refilled between missions and energy supply rings can also be picked up during play as well. Physical based damage may also tear off wings if they sustain enough damage, which not only knocks off shield energy as well but hinders movement and downgrades the laser to single. Wing repair can be obtained during play.

Fox is joined by his three team mates Falco, Peppy and Slippy. In essence they don't really contribute anything to your success but find themselves being chased by enemies from time to time. If you fail to shoot down the chasing enemies fast enough then you team mates will take on damage, and unlike Fox their shield energy does not get refilled until a new playthrough.

This game marks the beginning of the multiple path system that has now become a common trait in the series, although less flexible than later entries. At the beginning of the game the player gets to choose between three routes that are commonly referred to as courses 1, 2 and 3 (going from top to bottom on the ingame map). Once on a chosen path it is not possible to change outside of a special warp in one of the courses until the player begins a new playthrough. All courses start on Corneria and end on Venom (although the actual stages differ depending on the course chosen) but the stages inbetween take place in different locations in the Lylat System. The three courses also act as the difficulty setting, with course 1 being the easy option, course 2 medium and course 3 the hardest challenge.

[edit] The Lylat System

Main Article: Lylat System
Course 1 (middle)
Corneria > Asteroid Field > Space Armada > Meteor > Venom
Course 2 (top)
Corneria > Sector X > Titania > Sector Y > Venom
Course 3 (bottom)
Corneria > Asteroid Field > Fortuna > Sector Z > Macbeth > Venom
The Black Hole ~ Out of this dimension

[edit] Bosses

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