Spinning Core

Spinning Core.png
Weapons:Plasma, Laser, Missiles

[edit] Overview

This is Andross' excavation devide that is made to drill into the inside of the seismically active planet of Macbeth and gather up energy and establsh a base for Andross, it also has weapons on it to defend itself. It shoots plasma as well as lasers and missiles.

[edit] Tatics

This could be one of the other most difficult weapons to destroy in the game. You will face it spinning (hence its name) and shooting plasma form its 6 turrets, but once you destroy 3 of its 6 turrets it opens up from the top and launches missiles at you. After you ddestroy the 6 turrets, it will launch into the sky and land on its top, it will have glowing balls surrounding its exposed area, which will shoot lasers from wait until the glowing balls are far from the exposed core, after it takes enough damage it wil convert into something like a top, and will try to ram at you, shoot at it until it is destroyed.

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