Sector Y


[edit] Overview


One of three nebula locations in the system which gets its name from the distinctive shape of said nebula. It is also known for its bright green colouring of the visible gases. This is part of the Lylat System where a lot of interstellar creatures (which resemble sea animals such as Stingrays, Jellyfish and even Aomebas), though some of these creatures are very tempramental and can pose a threat to the Arwings, but some of them are also helpful, under certain conditions, a huge whale-like creature will power up your Arwing before you face the stage's boss. Andross has battle fleets positioned in this area as well.

Originally Sector Y was located near the left side of Venom but was later moved to north of Corneria. In its new location Cornerian forces engaged the enemy due to the close proximity to their homeworld.


Medium (Star Fox)
Hard (Star Fox 64)



[edit] Medal

150 hits (Star Fox 64)

[edit] Secrets

Star Fox 64

Extra Life

Close to the end of the level your three team mates will fly forward in a triangle formation. If you boost ahead and join them to form a diamond formation then you are rewarded with an extra life.

[edit] Bosses

Star Fox

Plasma Hydra - Course 2

Star Fox 64

Shogun Warriors (Normal Route)

The end stage changes to all range mode and these two giant robots fly in. Despite firing lasers the biggest threat is them flying into you. Tackle one at a time and use the radar to track them. Put some distance in then turn around and fire like mad. Be careful a team mate doesn't get the last shot in.

Shogun (Normal Route)

Larger white robot takes off from a battleship when the previous two Shogun Warriors are destroyed. Ramming attacks are still the biggest problem to deal with but with more aggression and that shield will soak up a fair amount of hit depending on your aiming. Again, fly away then turn around and go in all lasers blazing

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