Rock Crusher

Rock Crusher.png
Stage:* Asteroid Field (Course 1)
Weapons:Laser, Plasma, Missiles

[edit] Overview

This was created by Andross for the removal of the asteroid field and even pisces of space junk as well.

[edit] Attack Pattern

It uses 4 laser turrets on each side and will fire from it, once the turrets and the base of the crusher, it will also fire plasma and even missiles.

[edit] Tatics

Once the 4 turrets on either side are exposed (flashing red and orange) shoot them to destroy them. Once the base is taken off (when you destory all of the laser turrets) the crusher will begin to fire bigger weapins at you, shoot the ceneter to destroy it for good.

  • (Special Wigthers 2000 Tatic)

If you have Nova bombs, use them to destroy all 4 turrets on one side at once.

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