R0B 64


[edit] Overview

Also called ROB 64, ROB is the Robot in control of the Great Fox during Starfox 64/Lylat Wars, Starfox Adventures and Starfox Command. He also co-pilots with Peppy Hare in Starfox Assault. ROB is also in charge of deploying supplies in 64, Adventures and Assault. His role is to offer support to the team.

Slippy has given him many upgrades through the course of the series, giving him far more personality, to the point that he actually fears being destroyed in Starfox Command.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Star Fox 64

R0B pilots the Great Fox while the team engage in space combat. The ship is usually following the team from the rear, although this changes during all range missions (especially Sector Z, where the ship is in the middle of the battlefield). R0B will sometimes call the player, and responding by pressing C Right will get him to drop an item crate onto the field. During Area 6 he will also call the player to offer covering fire. R0B is also the one offering advice during the training mode.

[edit] Star Fox Adventures

Like the others in the team, R0B takes a more laid back role in Adventures. He offers some minor support during the arwing missions, but otherwise is restricted to some advice here and there.

[edit] Star Fox Assault

R0B resumes a support role in this game.

[edit] Star Fox Command

R0B takes a more involved role in this game. Once again he has command of the Great Fox, but instead of supplies he instead can fire missiles at enemy groups at the request of the player. R0B has a more distinct personality here than other games and will often make blunt statements or indulge in humour.

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