Proffessor Hangar

Prof Hangar.png
Weapons:Enemy Fish, Shadow Thruster

[edit] Overview

This is a robotic genius that can send robotic fish and even use its shadow thruster to split into 3.

[edit] Tatics

You will meet Proffessor Hangar at some kind of base built by Andross' forces on Titania, he will taunt you by saying "Bye Bye!!" and leave. as you exit the base, you will encounter some enemies as well as soem fish that will fly into you, as you defeat the enemies, Proffessor Hangar will appear, shoot as soon as you see the enemy helth meter, this is will give you a great advantage. Shoot at the Professor as well as the fish that come out, as the battle goes on he can use his shadow thruster (like Phantron) he acan split himself into 3 with this weapon, target him until he is destroyed.

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