Plasma Hydra

Plasma Hydra.png
Stage:Sector Y
Weapons:Plasma, Spike Ball

[edit] Overview

One of Andross' robotic animals, that intends on aggitating the intersellar creatures of Sector Y, it has long arms which shoot plasma, and once its arms are destroyed will use a huge spike ball.

[edit] Tatics

Fighting Plasma Hydra will not be easy. You have to focus on its arms first, shoot the ends of its arms to damage the Hydra, but sometimes your lasers can meet up with a plasma bolt and destroy the arm temperarily (it will grow back though), once the Hydra takes enough damage, it will ditch both if its arms and crate a mace with a spike ball, this will do major damage, but its body will be exposed to your lasers, shoot at it until it is destroyed.

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