Pantron 1.png
Stage:Venom (Orbit & Surface) (Course 1)
Weapons:Laser, Missiles, Special Attack


[edit] Overview

This is one of the elite weapins in Andross' forces as it can split itself to 3, making it a hard target to hit, and it can convert itself into a walking wepon that can do the same and even so some special moves as well.

[edit] Attack Pattern (Orbit)

It appears and quckly moves and shoots missiles, then as it splits into 3, it can shoot lasers at you.

[edit] Tactics (Orbit)

This is when you face Phantron in Venom's orbit. It will appear on the left side and as soon as you shoot it, it will quickly move to another side and shoot a missile at you, then as it circles around the screen it will split itself to 3, shoot at the one that flashes when it is hit by your lasers (WARNING: Do not use nova bombs), shoot at it until goes down to Venom.

Phantron 2.png

[edit] Attack Pattern (Surface)

This version will convert into a another robot with legs as it can still shoot lasers and missiles and still split into 3, it can even jump and kick.

[edit] Tactics (Surface)

As you face Phantron again, it will appear as it did before but once you damage it enough, it will convert into a more difficult version itself (complete with legs) as it takes more damage to destroy. It will still shot lasers and missiles at you, but it has more ways to throw off your aim and timting as it can jump and still split into 3, but as the battle goes on, it can even kick at you. Shoot at the flashing blue area to destory it.

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