Panther Caroso

Panther Caroso


[edit] Overview

Panther is a Star Wolf member that joined for the events in Star Fox: Assault. Although his demeanour is that of a ladies panther, it is said that he often genuinely falls in love and his actions don't quite seem to match with the less than chivalrous goals of the team he flies with.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Star Fox Assault

Panther flies with the Star Wolf team during these events.

[edit] Star Fox Command

Panther is still a member of the Star Wolf team, with a substantial bounty on his head. When the Star Fox team catch up to them and find Krystal with them it becomes apparent that Panther has feelings for her. Panther pilots the Black Rose which has the very powerful zapper laser and one of the highest boost gauges. To balance this he only carries one bomb, no lock-on and mediocre shields.

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