Metal Smasher

Metal Smasher.png
Stage:Venom (Orbit) (Course 2)
Weapons:Laser Rings, Crush Attack

[edit] Overview

One of Andross' elite weapons that protects Venom, especially the rear, which this weapon protects, it sends out eneimies and can even come closer to crush anything that comes close, and it can even shoot laser rings.

[edit] Tatics

Once the smasher opens, it will draw closer, use novs bombs to eliminate the enimies it sends out, then as it draws closer, shoot either side to cause damage, as sson as it tries to crush you use the brakes to avoid serious damage, after a few tries to crush you, it will send out a series of laser rings, one in a horizontal pattern and another in a vertial pattern, it will them restart its crushing process, repeat the process of shotting one of the smashers and using nova bombs to eliminate the smaller eneimes.

  • Note #1: Use the Approach mode to avoid the crush attack more easily.
  • Note #2: You do not have to destroy both parts of the enemy, once one is destroy, it will basically commit suicide (with the Galactic Rider coming out of the last surviving part).
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