Lylat System

Map of the Lylat System on the Nintendo 64
Lylat System of Star Fox 64 / Lylat Wars (In-Game)


[edit] Area List

[edit] Progression of the Lylat System

[edit] Star Fox

The regions set in Star Fox consist of three paths, which all start at Corneria and end at Venom. On path 1 the player passes through Sector X, Titania and Sector Y. On path 2 the player tackles Asteroid, Space Armada and Meteor. Finally path 3 goes through Asteroid, Fortuna, Sector Z and Macbeth. There are also two other locations consisting of the Black Hole (shown on the map to be between routes 1 and 2 and reachable via Asteroid in route 2. In acts as a warp letting you reach levels in other routes. The other is Out of this Dimension, which isn't shown on the game map but accessible via Astroid in route 3. This hidden level acts as an alternate end of game.

[edit] Star Fox 64

Corneria, Asteroid (now called Meteo), Fortuna, Macbeth, Titania, Venom, Sector X, Sector Y and Sector Z all return. In addition Katina, Aquas, Solar, Zoness, Bolse and Area 6 are added. Some area locations were changed for ones moved over from the first game. Sector X is now to the right of Fortuna (previously Sector Z). Sector Y went to above Corneria (previously Sector X). Sector Z sits to the left of Area 6 and Venom (previously Sector Y). Titania was also moved with Sector X and now sits below Venom and Bolse. The warp in Meteo still exists but it no longer appears on the map and is not officially called the Black Hole. Another warp exists in Sector X, which is not shown on the map either.

[edit] Star Fox Adventures

This marks the first time we see Sauria, although it would not get this official name until the next game. Instead it is merely referred to as Dinosaur Planet, and is the only planet the team visits.

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