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Katina is one of the more barren planets of the Lylat System that is still capable of sustaining life and Corneria uses it as a second home. There is much less water in the world than Corneria itself and many areas are eityher rocky or sandy in nature, giving the planet a notably brown appearance from space.

Katina is home to a great number of military Cornerian outposts, which proved vital in several wars where they were able to intercept some of the invading forces and engage them in battle. In Star Fox 64 the entire level is an obvious reference to the film Independance Day as the team battles against huge swarms of fighters and eventually a mothership.


Medium (Star Fox 64)



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150 hits (Star Fox 64)

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Star Fox 64


A huge saucer shapedmothership moves onto the battlefield and takes a position hovering above the only buiding in the area. The four underside flaps open and close at intervals which release more enemy targets onto the field. The opening of these is signalled by Bill over the comm system and can only be destroyed by laser fire when open.

Either when all four flaps are destroyed or after a set period of time has passed the core (what may be a simple laser cannon pointing down) appears in the center of the underside, at which point you have 60 seconds to destroy it with laser fire before it annihilates the building.

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