Great Fox

Great Fox in flight from Corneria surrounded by the team in their Arwings (Star Fox 64)


[edit] Overview

The Great Fox is the mothership belonging to the Star Fox team. It is considerably bigger than any other vehicle the team has; mainly because it serves to hold the four Arwings, the team members, various other vehicles (such as the Landmaster Tank) and a number of various on-board facilities.

The ship itself is capable of high speed flight, but due to its size its maneuverability is rather poor. It is equipped with two front mounted laser cannons and also possesses the ability to fire missile volleys off. There has been an instance of a quick repair function, allowing an Arwing to fly in for a restored ship, although this feature is not seen much as Great Fox is normally behind the team or away from the action.

Great Fox is not normally directed by the player. As such, control of the ship is the responsibility of R0B 64.

[edit] Appearances

Great Fox in her latest look

[edit] Star Fox 64

Great Fox's first appearance. The ship is notably absent in most missions as it spends its time either behind the team or in orbit above the planet's atmosphere. Whenever Fox receives a message from ROB 64 a package is sent from Great Fox to the Arwing, although sometimes in Area 6 ROB will assist by firing the Great Fox's weapons upon the enemy. In Sector Z, Great Fox becomes the focus of the mission as the team must shoot down six missiles heading for it during an ambush.

[edit] Star Fox Adventures

We only really get to see the interior of the ship in this game, during the initial menu screen and during certain cut scenes. Since there are only a few Arwing missions in the game (with most of the action taking place on the planet surface), there is little need for Great Fox to take action, especially given the dangers of the planet being in pieces.

[edit] Star Fox: Assault

[edit] Star Fox Command

The Great Fox tends to be the focus of the missions in this game, as the player must work to prevent enemies from reaching the Great Fox. Although a target, Great Fox can provide some minimal support if directed by the player to fire missiles at enemies. The ship can only hold three missiles at a time, but more can be obtained either by flying over them on the map or defeating every single enemy in an enemy engagement.

[edit] Super Smash Bros.

One of the stages in this game is fought on and in the Great Fox, in the Sector Z region.

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Melee

Great Fox features in two stages in this game. In Corneria Great Fox flies low along the planet sideways, sometimes firing its laser cannons off which will kill you if they connect. In Venom the ship is flying towards the screen, and its wings form a kind of X shape (considerably shrinking the size of the battle field) for the fighting. A Great Fox trophy can also be earned in the game.

[edit] Super Smash bros. Brawl

The Corneria stage from Melee returns in Brawl, and as such Great Fox returns in the very same stage.

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