Stage:Corneria (Course 3)

[edit] Overview

To much of Falco's dismay (who assumed that it was going to be the Attack Carrier that is going to be at the end), something else is attacking Corneria. It is the Destructor, it consists of 6 parts with 3 mounted on the enemy, and 3 that spin in the air.

[edit] Tatics

Of course, the Attack Carrier is not this stage's boss in Course 3, as you will see that the Attack Carrier being carried off in pieces by big robots. In Course 3, you will face the Destructor, which is some kind of track weapon, with 6 parts you must destroy, the 3 spinning parts will be easy to destroy, until the last one stands, as you destroy the 2 spinning parts the last one will move on you, move out of the way until you destroy it. The other 3 parts mounted on the weapon are more difficult, as they will be exposed to your weapons, but as they turn they will shoot plasma at you, and they can be replaced by the 3 spinning parts as they go back on the weapon, destroy all 6 parts to destroy the weapon for good.

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