Dancing Insector

Dancing Insector.png
Stage:The Meteor
Weapons:Plasma, Fire

[edit] Overview

One of Andross' untested weapons that is on his secret meteor base.

[edit] Attack Pattern

It lives up to it's name, it dances around, but it can also fly around using its legs as blades to destoy anything that is in range, once worn down, it can even shoots beams of fire.

[edit] Tatics

The Dancing Insector does not do much at first, but as its legs take enough damage from your lasers, it will convert itself into some kind of blade, and you damage you if you are caught, stay out of the insector's way, once it starts dancing again, shott its lega again, once it converts into a labde again, that is when you can shoot off its legs (as the legs will turn red), once you shoot off enough legs it will start to shoot beams of fire in your direction, dodge the fire and continue to shoot the insector, eventually you will shoot off all of it's lega and you can attack the main part which will turn orange, shoot it until it's destroyed.

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