Great Fox flying over planet Corneria


[edit] Overview


Corneria is very much the Star Fox representation of planet Earth. It's bountiful in both land and water, along with buildings clustered into settlements across the planet's surface. The atmosphere is also the same, with a blue sky filled with clouds and a sun.

Corneria is the origin point for numerous important characters. Members of the Star Fox Team come from here, and it is here that Andross conducted his experiments before he was eventually banished to Venom. The Cornerian Army is based here and often involved in the conflicts that arise, seeking the help of Star Fox to bring peace back to the Lylat System.

As well as featuring heavily in the Star Fox series, Corneria also appears in Super Smash bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl as stages. The stage is the same in both games, with the Great Fox flying low across the surface of the planet, from a side-on perspective.

Corneria is almost always the starting point of any given game (the execption is Star Fox Adventures, where all the gameplay takes place on Sauria). The stage differs in Star Fox depending on the difficulty path chosen. An alternate route is in Star Fox 64. In Star Fox Command the missions on Corneria differ depending on the path taken. Being the first planet of each game Corneria makes an ideal place to get used to the game outside of the training modes.





[edit] Medal

150 hits (Star Fox 64)

[edit] Secrets

Star Fox 64

Route to Sector Y

Shortly after the checkpoint Falco will find himself in trouble and must be saved for this alternate route. Afterwards Fox must be guided through the seven stone arches. At that point Falco will find another enemy and will guide the team through the waterfall to a new area. After defeating the alternate boss the team will progress to Sector Y.

Great Fox in flight from Corneria

[edit] Bosses

Star Fox

Attack Carrier (Course 1 and 2)

This carrier attacks with missiles and weaponless enemy ships from its three hatches. These hatches can be destroyed with laser fire when open. With all three gone it will attempt to ram you and fire plasma bolts. During this time the entire ship can be damaged with laser fire.

Destructor - Course 3

This machine has six parts vulnerable to laser fire. The three spinning segments provide easy targets except the last remaining one will be thrown towards you. The three one the moving base will fire plasma at you. Avoid incoming weapons fire and physical objects and destroy all six parts.

Star Fox 64

Granga (Normal Route)

Failing to save Falco or missing a stone arch leads to this boss. This large mech walks slowly around and fires missiles all around. Its legs can be shot out to prevent it from moving around. The weak spot is on its back, which must be shot repeatedly to destroy it. Unlike the rest of the stage this changes to all range mode.

The Boss of the secret route on Corneria

Attack Carrier (Alternate Route)

This craft approaches from behind and settles ahead of the team. It starts by opening the three hatches at alternating periods and releasing enemy ships and missiles. These hatches can only be damaged and destroyed when open. When all hatches are destroyed the ship will fly around, firing a flamethrower and attempting to ram Fox. At this point the whole craft is vulnerable to laser fire.

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