Blade Barrier

Blade Barrier.png
Stage:Asteroid Field (Course 3)
Weapons:Plasma, Tractor Beam

[edit] Overview

Hoping to attack Corneria by passing through the thinnest part of the Asteroid Field, Andross' forces have devised this wepon that has some type of tracor beam that can draw anything caught in the beam closer to the weapon's blade, destroying it.

[edit] Tatics

This can be one of the most difficult enemies to face in this game. Your job in destroying the Barrier is to target the spokes on the sides, but shoot at them when the bade is not moving, becuase the blade can, infact reflect your lasers back at you, but even more dangerous, is its tractor beam, as it will come out in a form of a triangluar onject, as its spinning its balde stay on the upper right hand corner of the screen and as soon as its beam comes towards you, dodge it by moving out of its way, if the tractor beam happens to catch you, parform a few barrell rolls to break the beam, keep shooting for the wespon's spokes until they are all destroyed, but as soon as the barrier is destroyed avoid the blade that comes off.

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