Attack Carrier

Attack Carrier.png
Stage:Corneria (Courses 1 & 2 - Star fox)
(Normal stage - Star fox 64)
Weapons:Enemies, Missiles, Plasma Bolts, Flamethrower

[edit] Overview

The Attack Carrier first appeared in Star Fox as the first boss you encounter in the game by choosing either courses 1 or 2. It returned in Star Fox 64 as a hard route boss by flying through all the stone arches and then following Falco through the waterfall.

This boss is a large ship featuring three side mounted launch pods - one on its right and two on its left. It has a grey and blue colour scheme in its first appearance but switches to a more industrial orange theme when it returns in the second game.

[edit] Attack Pattern

The Attack Carrier will attack you with a variety of flying enemies and even with missiles from its sides, once you destroy the sides it will attack you with plasma bolts or flamethrower and attempted ramming attacks.

[edit] Tactics

The strategy is more or less the same regardless of which game you tackle. Once it opens up one part of one of its sides, shoot it with your laser until it falls off and then repeat on the other side. The left is one piece while the right has 2. Then after you destroy the sides of the carrier, attack the main part which will come at you with plasma (Star Fox) or a flamethrower (Star Fox 64), shoot the top when the front is facing you, and shoot the center when shooting its back, it is much easier hitting the back because it is more exposed. However, in course 2 of Star Fox, it is quicker to react.

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