Atomic Base

Atomic Base 1 & 2.png
Stage:The Space Armada

[edit] Overview

This is the main power source of the commanding station for Andross' Space Armada]].

[edit] Attack Pattern

It is protectied by a inpenatrable wall (even the blasters of the Arwing can not penatrate it), but once lowered, it's core is exposed and can shoot plasma out of it.

[edit] Tatic

You will not encounter the base right away, what will happen is that you will fly into the command station where it will have a long corridor with a series of obstacles and enemies. But, once passed by them you will encounter the station's atomic base. Where it will have a wall around it that is held up by 3 power turrets, destroy them to expose the core, then shoot at it with your laser.

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