Asteroid Field


[edit] Overview


The Asteroid Field is one of the natural defenses for the planet Corneria. During the Lylat Wars it shielded the planet from Andross' invading army, as they are intending to clear the way for Andross' Space Armada which is waiting on the other side of the field. There are 2 sections one is the thickest part which protects Corneria and the easier section to clear, the other part is where the asteroid field is the thinnest and the more difficult to clear. The Asteroid Field has also been used as bases of operations for several groups due to its awkward layout. In Star Fox 64 this location was called Meteo but has been referred to as the Astroid Field in every other appearance.





[edit] Medal

200 hits (Star Fox 64)

The difficulty of the medal depends on the route taken. If the player takes the warp then scores of near 400 was possible, making it one of the easiest medals to get due to the sheer amount of targets. Missing the warp yields fewer targets and thus makes group kills more important.

[edit] Secrets

Star Fox 64

Warp to Katina

After passing the checkpoint the player will come across a gate consisting of arrows in a circle pointing inwards. There are seven of these in total and flying through them all takes the player to a wap area. This very colourful area still has enemies and asteroids around but is a lot easier. Additionally, every asteroid on normal mode has a powerup hidden side. On expert only a couple of powerups exist here. Note also that there is no boss at the end of the warp.

[edit] Bosses

Star Fox

Rock Crusher - Course 1

Blade Barrier - Course 3

Star Fox 64

Meteo Crusher (Normal Route)

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