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[edit] Overview

The Arwing is the primary method of tackling missions used by the Star Fox team. It is an airbourne craft also capable of traveling through space, equipped with a G-Diffuser system for flight. The wings on the craft can be moved to allow for different approaches to stages (being scrolling shooter and all-range mode), although this feature is typically out of the player's hands. In addition, if enough physical damage is taken then it is possible to have a wing ripped off. As well as hindering flight this also reduces the laser to a single version. Wing repairs can be picked up to repair such damage, and must be done before the lasers can be upgraded again.

The main weapon system is the laser, which initially starts as a single laser but can be upgraded to twin and hyper lasers. Holding the fire button down charges a plasma bolt, which can lock onto most enemy targets and then home in on them when fired. Plasma bolts create a small explosion on contact, which can destroy other nearby targets. These crafts are also armed with a limited number of smart bombs, which can be detonated by remote after firing. These bombs have a large blast radius but will also negate any hit bonuses that might have been earned otherwise.

The Arwing also comes with boost and brake functions - the former allows for faster movement and the latter allows for reduced movement (the Arwing is incapable of staying still in the air). The Arwing is also capable of performing two flips. The 360 flip will result in the Arwing continuing its direction, while the 180 flip will cause the Arwing to turn around (thus it can only be done in All Range mode). All these functions drain the boost gauge, which refills when not in use.

These crafts are capable of banking to allow for sharper turning. In addition they are able to barrel-roll. As well as helping to shift away from danger the roll also projects a temporary shield that deflects laser fire, which lasts until the roll ends.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Star Fox

The ship's first appearance, and the only usable vehicle. The craft does not have the flip and plasma lock-on abilities in this game.

[edit] Star Fox 64

The Arwing is the most used vehicles in this game. It is used for twelve of the planets visited in the single player, the training mode and is initially the only vehicle usable in the multiplayer.

[edit] Star Fox Adventures

When Fox needs to enter a whole new area he will jump in his Arwing to reach the destination. The final stage of the game is also an Arwing mission.

[edit] Star Fox: Assault

[edit] Star Fox Command

Unlike past games, Fox is the only Star Fox team pilot to use the Arwing (which is denoted as being a mark 2 version), as the other members of the Star Fox team now use their own ships. The Arwing has a single laser, single lock-on and room for two bombs. Fox's ship also has good shields and one of the best boost gauges. Depending on the route taken through the main game Fox may upgrade to twin lasers for that specific playthrough.

[edit] Super Smash Bros.

Fox's stage entrance involves flying into the stage in his Arwing.

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Melee

Although not directly usable, the Arwing appears as a collectable trophy, earned either by collecting it in one of the three main single player games or winning it in the lottery. Arwings also appear in the Corneria and Venom stages, where they can be used as platforms and will sometimes fires their lasers as well.

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The Arwing returns as a trophy in this game. They also appear as elements in the returning Corneria stage as well as the new Lylat Cruise stage. Fox and Falco both use these crafts for their stage entrances.

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