Area 6

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Best described as a region in space near Venom (close enough that Venom can be seen on the approach), Area 6 acts as the last line of defence against invading forces. Andross stations an entire fleets of ships, ranging from numerous small squadrons of gunships to large battleships and space stations. In addition the area is littered with various other obstacles, such as minefields. The final trump card is the final enemy of this area - a machine that can appear and disappear at will, with a nasty assortment of weapons.






300 hits (Star Fox 64)



Gorgon (Star Fox 64)

At first glance this large machine somewhat resembles the space stations passed during the mission, but it soon makes it obvious that it is much more dangerous. Throughout the fight this machine can make itself appear and disappear, making extended firing on it difficult.

Three robotic arms with claws extend from the main body. These must be shot out by firing lasers at the claws themselves to destroy them. During this time the enemy will attempt to swipe at you with this arms while launching missiles and small crafts.

Once destroyed the enemy disappears and then appears further away. It spins around, launching missiles and small enemy craft at you in large numbers. When this finishes it vanishes again and reappears closer. At this point the core opens up, and three energy balls are visible, rotating around the central core. All three must be destroyed to hurt the boss, but you only have the time taken to regenerate the arms to do it. Doing this degrades the shield, signified by the colour (blue to yellow to red). When the boss first appears it is possible to destroy the three energy balls and reduce the shield to yellow right away.

Once the shield has been weakened to the red stage the enemy moves into the final stage. After destroying the arms again and dealing with another missile/enemy wave the craft will disappear as usual and reappears. However, when it opens the core it charges and fires a huge rainbow laser. Performing barrel-rolling movements in circles around the edge of the screen should avoid that. When the craft appears again the core should be vulnerable, so open fire. If the core isn't destroyed then the red shield reappears and the sequence continues until victory.

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