Star Fox (Game)

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Platform:Super NES



Star Fox was a game for the Super NES. One of the very first home console video games to feature 3-D graphics, You control an arwing, which shoots not only lasers but uses powerful nova bombs, you can also choose which course you want to take, there are 3 courses and each with its own difficulty level.


Peace in the Lylat System is shattered when Emperor Andross declares war from his home base on Venom. Andross was formally a scientist who was banished from Corneria for repeatedly conducting dangerous experiments and ignoring warnings to stop, who subsequently fled to Venom and built a military empire with which he hoped to overthrow the entire system.

In an effort to fight back against the threat General Pepper deploys the prototype Arwing, but has no time to train pilots to fly them. He decides to call in the Star Fox team, led by Fox McCloud, to push back the invading forces and take the fight all the way to Venom itself to defeat Andross and put an end to the war.

The Lylat System


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