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The Star Wolf team is a rival mercenary group that challenge the Star Fox team when needed. Fox's father died becuase of the betrayal of a member of the Star Fox team who subsequently joined the Star Wolf team. Despite their rivalry the Star Wolf team have sometime begrudingly assisted the Star Fox team at times.

Their first appearance is in Star Fox 64, where they are used by Andross to interfere with the attempts of Star Fox. Regardless of which path is chosen the player is forced to face them at least once. The team at the time consists of Wolf, Leon, Pigma and Andrew. Each member chases a specific member of the Star Fox team (Wolf after Fox, Leon after Falco, Pigma after Peppy and Andrew after Slippy). Lock-ons and bombs prove useless, forcing the player to manually shoot them down with laser fire. When fought at the hard version of Venom they also possess superior boost gauges, allowing them to perform flips twice in a row.

They return for Assault, where they are forced to assit Star Fox in their efforts. At this point Pigma and Andrew have left the team and new guy Panther flies with them.

In Command the three same pilots are in the team along with Krystal, who joins them after Fox forces her to leave the Star Fox team. Depending on the path taken the player may be forced to fight the team (except Krystal), which is a result of Star Wolf assuming Fox is after the bounty put on them. Other times Star Wolf may assist in defeating the Anglar. Based on conversations this decision mmay have been a result of Krystal's influence.

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