Star Fox Adventures

Star Fox Adventures
Star Fox Adventures GC Cover.JPGNorth American Boxart (GameCube)
Designer(s)Shigeru Miyamoto

Chris Stamper

Lee Schunemann
Composer(s)David Wise
Platform(s)Nintendo GameCube
Release DateJapan - September 27th, 2002

North America - September 23rd, 2002

Europe - November 22nd, 2002
Mode(s)Single Player
Rating(s)ESRB: T (Teen)


PEGI: 3+
Media1 × GCN disc
Input MethodsGamepad



Star Fox Adventures is the third game of the Star Fox series, leading on from Star Fox 64. It received the honours of being the last game ever to be developed by the Rare company, as they moved away from Nintendo to the Xbox. The game presented mind blowing graphics after the transition from the Nintendo 64 to the GameCube, receiving high praise from die hard fans. It was so good, in fact, that it was designated as being one of the most technologically outstanding graphically superior of any GameCube game. Further more, it's popularity was so strong thanks to its predecessor Star Fox 64 that it sold enough copies to be rewarded the Player's Choice Award.

The game also expanded upon the character base. It introduced us to Krystal, Prince Tricky and General Scales. Krystal was never planned for the Star Fox series, originally designed for the game Dinosaur Planet (the original name of Sauria) and for the Nintendo 64. The release of the GameCube signaled change and so the game was canceled and merged with Star Fox to make the next game of the series. It was originally named Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planer displaying the merge but they later decided to remove the latter half of the name and just keep it as Star Fox Adventures, along with the changing of the planet name.


The plot all revolves around the one planet, Sauria. The planet itself is actually broken apart into segments which orbit a center of gravity. Each segment has a different climate such as Moon Mountain Pass (out-of-this-world), SnowHorn Wastes (icy), Cape Claw (seaside) and ThornTail Hollow (grassy). The main inhabitants are dinosaurs, made up of three dominant tribes. The EarthWalker Tribe are the Triceratops species, their rivals the CloudRunner Tribe are the Pteranodon species and the SharpClaw Tribe are the Allosaurus species. The rival clans lived in relative harmony, but the SharpClaw Tribe has disrupted this and are the game's antagonists.

Just like last time, we see the return of the Star Fox team with the same team members, except Falco only appears at the end. His place is taken by Krystal, the vixen who is searching for answers into the death of her parents. She arrives at Krazoa Palace to find General Scales and his SharpClaw Tribe have begun an attack on the inhabitants. Feeling a sense of duty to lend a helping hand, she attempts to gather all the Krazoa Spirits to bring them back to the temple. It's believed that when they're all brought together there, it will change the tide of war in the favour of the native dinosaurs and repel General Scales and his army. She only manages to get as far as to release the first, however, as a mysterious force pushes her into its path resulting in her becoming trapped in a floating crystal above the palace and now her need depends on the spirits as it's the only way to free her from her imprisonment.

While this is happenening, General Pepper dispatches the Star Fox team to Sauria to investigate how it's falling apart. Once again Fox finds his team with little money and Great Fox really needs repairs, so they quickly accept and fly off to the dinosaur planet.


Star Fox Adventures made a number of key changes in gameplay, making the game vastly different to its parent games Star Fox 64 and the original Star Fox.

Playing on foot only featured a tiny bit in Star Fox 64, in Star Fox Adventures it's the main type of gameplay! Rather than zooming around in your Arwing, you find yourself running around. Instead of shooting things up with lasers, you're bashing them up with a staff. This big change created a lot of skeptics at first, but it worked out quite well. It was through this that the Star Fox series demonstrated it's flexibility and popularity.

Character Cast


Allgame: 3.5/5
IGN: 9/10
GameSpot: 8.3/10
Edge: 6/10

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