Star Fox 64 Walkthrough: Part 4a


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So the bomb is more important to you? Then let's try and take care of it.

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[edit] Fichina Mission Finish

Since the bomb is planted inside the base, you will need to find a way inside. Make sure to keep your wingmates safe from Star Wolf when necessary, but they aren't your primary concern. When approaching the base, do a somersault to make sure that Wolf is not on your tail. Just as you get to the base, the doors will seemingly shut and deny your entry into it. Try from the other side in an attempt to make it through that way. However, much like the first time, the doors will shut to keep you from getting inside it. Eventually, the timer will run out and Wolf will taunt the Star Fox Team before leaving. Fox McCloud will command everyone to use emergency maneuvers to get out of the area. After the failed mission, the team will move on.

[edit] Sector X Mission

[edit] Mission Details

Mission No. 4 Sector X; Combat Zone Mystery of the Space Base

[edit] Mission Walkthrough

Upon orders from General Pepper, the Star Fox Team will head out to Sector X to investigate reports of Andross building a secret weapon here. There will plenty of enemies to take out here, so be ready for a melee for all intents and purposes. Using Charge Shots is a great way to rack up hits quickly. Once you emerge out of the first section of the enemy fleet, you will come up on some space mines. Use a Smart Bomb to get rid of them and to clear a path. There's plenty more enemies up ahead so take them all out as you go. Watch out for the Killer Bee that shows up a little before you reach the Checkpoint. It moves quickly and can cause some serious damage if you aren't careful. Charge Shots won't work so just spam the lasers until it goes down. It will drop a gold ring upon destroying it, so pick it up as you head to the checkpoint. Just after the Checkpoint, Peppy will be getting mauled by a whole group of enemies. One Charge Shot can finish most of them, but if you don't mind losing the Hit bonus that comes with a Charge Shot, feel free to just use a Smart Bomb to get rid of them quickly. After saving Peppy, you will come up on a junction where you can go either left or right.

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There's a junction up ahead. Do you want to go left or right?

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