Star Fox 64 Walkthrough: Part 3b


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So you want to check out those colored rings? Ok, let's see what happens.

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[edit] Meteo Mission Finish

The rings will alternate sides that they're on and your speed will increase as you go through each one. The clusters of enemies firing at you will not be able to hit you due to your speed. Fly through all of the rings and you will unlock one of the two Warps in the game. There are tons of different looking Asteroids that can be shot just like the ones from earlier. Using Smart Bombs is very wise and often times, you will have them replenished as many of the Asteroids contain things like Smart Bombs, Laser Upgrades, and silver and gold rings. Through the middle portion of the Warp, just spam your laser fire as there will be many enemies for you to shoot. Once you get to the end of the Warp, use Smart Bombs like there's no tomorrow. Once you get to the end of the Warp, the Star Fox Team will move on to the next planet. Do note that this is the preferred path to get the medal score at Meteo.

[edit] Katina Mission

[edit] Mission Details

Mission No. 3 Katina; Frontline Base

[edit] Mission Walkthrough

Upon request from General Pepper to help out the forces at Katina, the Star Fox Team will arrive on a melee-type scene. Just after arrival, Fox's old friend, Bill will come on the comm, glad that Fox and his team were able to make it to back up his forces. It is somewhat difficult to immediately recognize the enemies and your allies, but Bill will always say something if you shoot a good guy. Upon taking out 10 enemy fighters, Bill will spot the enemy mothership that is approaching the base. After a minute or two, the Saucerer will settle above the pyramid in the area and release numerous enemy fighters. From here on out, Charge Shots won't do you much good due to the sheer amount of enemies. Shortly after the enemies are released, Bill will tell you to go for the four hatches on the underside.

[edit] Question

Bill wants you to go after the four hatches? Take out the mothership or focus on the enemy fighters?

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