Star Fox 64 Walkthrough: Part 3a


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So, you don't trust the different colored rings? Fair enough. It could be risky, so let's move on without worrying about them.

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[edit] Meteo Mission Finish

Up ahead, there are groups of enemies clustered together that will fan out once you get close to them. Use Charge Shots to get big Hit bonuses on them, but be careful you don't lock-on to the moving target enemies that will be next to the clusters. Once you clear this part, there will be a horde of asteroids to shoot down much like there was at the beginning of the level. Once you emerge out of them, the level's boss will appear. Destroy the yellow panels on the Meteo Crusher and then take out the core while avoiding its laser fire. It will try to admit defeat, but Falco will see through that lie easily. Take out the remaining parts of the core to finish up the level and move on to the next planet.

[edit] Fichina Mission

[edit] Mission Details

Mission No. 3 Fichina; Former Defense Post
Enter Star Wolf

[edit] Mission Walkthrough

Upon request from General Pepper, the Star Fox Team will head to Fichina to recover the Cornerian Army Base from the enemy army. Here, your main goal is to take out all enemy fighters that you come across though it will seem to be endless. After you get 10-15 hits, Slippy will finally notice that there are enemies coming from the base and will wonder why that is. Not long after that, ROB will detect a bomb that has been planted inside the base. Fox will ask if anyone can take care of it, but he will be cut-off by the Star Wolf Team. They'll mock the Star Fox Team a little and explain how Andross has ordered Star Wolf to take out the Star Fox Team. Fox will then insist that the team take care of Star Wolf first.

[edit] Question

Fox wants to take care of Star Wolf first. Do you want to go ahead and take out Star Wolf, or do you want to take care of the bomb right now?

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Meteo Crusher

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