Star Fox 64 Walkthrough: Part 2b


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[edit] Introduction

So you're a show off huh? Well, let's see if any of your wingmates are impressed with you.

[edit] Guide

[edit] Corneria Mission finish

Fly under all of the stone arches while taking care of the skiers along the way. After clearing 2 of the arches, Falco will compliment you on some "pretty smooth flying". Fly through the last 2 arches and Falco will suddenly jump in and tell you to follow him. After Fox asks where he is going, Falco will tell the team that he found the target and to try and keep up. He'll lead you through a waterfall and you will emerge with many bird-like enemies that drop small bombs around. It's useful to fire off a Smart Bomb here to eliminate them quickly. As you come around the corner, there will be 2 groups of enemies, one on the left and one on the right. However, if you wait to shoot them, you can get almost all of them with a single Charge Shot as they will eventually all gather on the left side. After this, Peppy will warn you of an enemy coming from the rear and to drop altitude. An Attack Carrier will appear and settle directly in front of you. Peppy will instruct you to aim for the open spots on the carrier. Once you destroy the 3 sections that open and close, aim the laser fire right at the Attack Carrier and don't letup. Once you destroy it, Mission No. 1 will be accomplished and the Star Fox Team will move on.

[edit] Sector Y Mission Details

Mission No. 2: Sector Y Combat Zone
Fierce Melee

[edit] Mission Walkthrough

After General Pepper asks the Star Fox Team to help the squadron that is under attack at Sector Y, Fox will lead the team in and tell them to backup the squadron. Enemies come quickly here as Peppy will tell you to not let any of them through. Shortly after that, Slippy will mention that the enemy fleet is nowhere to be seen. That changes quickly, however, as it will turn out that the enemy fleet will try to start with a surprise attack from above. Use the brakes and fire off a Smart Bomb to avoid major damage and get lots of hits. Then, a ship of some kind will release a whole group of enemies on either side. Use another Smart Bomb here to take them all out. Whether you go over or under the ship, another group of enemies will show up and you will need to take all of them out. If you do, you'll be rewarded with a gold ring and Peppy will commend you for some good work, but tell you to keep up the pace as well. A whole group of enemies will be on multiple ships up ahead. Spam your lasers to take them all out. Another group of enemies will appear right as you approach the Checkpoint. Destroy the two enemies up ahead and then you can go either up or down at the junction the enemies were at.

[edit] Question

There's a junction up ahead. Do you want to go up or down?

[edit] Answers

Go up
Go down

[edit] Featured Characters

Fox McCloud
Peppy Hare
Falco Lombardi
Slippy Toad
General Pepper

[edit] Featured Boss

Attack Carrier

[edit] Featured Planets

[edit] Vehicle(s)


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