Star Fox 64 3D

Star Fox 64 3D
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North American Boxart (Nintendo 3DS)
Platform(s)Nintendo 3DS
Release DateJapan - July 14th, 2011
North America - September 11th, 2011
GenreSpace Action
Mode(s)Single Player, Multiplayer
Rating(s)ESRB: E


[edit] Overview

Star Fox 64 3D is the latest installment of the Star Fox Series. It is a Space Action game for the Nintendo 3DS.

The game is a remake of the popular Nintendo 64 game, Star Fox 64. As such, the plot is largely the same, but the main difference is the updated graphics in the game.

[edit] Plot

In short, Star Fox 64 3D's storyline is very much like its Nintendo 64 predecessor. For the benefit of those who have not played Star Fox 64, here is the rundown of what happens in the main storyline:

Before the main game, you're given a briefing on the background information. It teaches you about how Andross, in his exile on Venom by General Pepper of the Cornerian Army, had started to try and take over the Lylat System. The Star Fox Team team of course responded, but it wasn't the same team we know and love. It was comprised of only three members headed by Fox's father James McCloud, his right hand (and Fox's) man Peppy Hare and Pigma Dengar. Pigma Dengar betrayed the team when they reached Venom, thus allowing the evil Andross to kill Jame McCloud. Peppy Hare barely escapes and returns to tell Fox McCloud of his father's unfortunate fate.

It begins with strange activity being notified upon the planet of Venom. This brews up suspicion as this is the desolate waste planet that the evil scientist Andross was exiled to for his evil ways.

A little after this, Corneria is attacked by an army lead by Andross. As such, General Pepper sends out a distress signal to the Star Fox Team whom are a band of mercenaries that primarily use Arwings, backed up by their mother ship Great Fox to come to the rescue. Having a reason to want to fight Andross, and ultimately his own survival Fox agrees to help and leads the Star Fox Team into battle once more to put an end to Andross's evil ways.

[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Single Player

The main game sees the player taking control of Fox as he and his team members attempt to put an end to the threat posed by Andross. Every playthrough always begins on Corneria, but the actions taken by a player will determine the route taken to reach the final planet Venom. For example, Corneria has two possible exits - one is achieved by taking the main route through the level and defeating the giant robot, while the other is done by saving Falco just after the checkpoint and flying through all the stone arches on the water surface shortly afterwards. The standard exit of a stage is always marked with the 'Mission Complete' stamp, while successfully managing to reach the alternate exit is rewarded with a 'Mission Accomplished' message. If a standard exit is reached then the player has no choice but to progress to the default next stage or to sacrifice a life to retry the previous stage. If an alternate exit is reached then the player can choose which of the connected next stages to play on or to retry the previous stage at the cost of a life. Venom is always the last planet but there are actually two different Venom levels and end bosses depending on the route taken. Venom I is reached through Bolse and leads to an unfulfilled ending. Venom 2 is reached through Area 6 and leads to a complete ending.

Twelve out of the game's fifteen planets puts you at the command of the Arwing - the standard air-based space fighter used by the team. These aircrafts are also used by your wingmen in every mission regardless of your vehicle. There are two levels that put you in the Landmaster, which is basically the tank used for ground based assaults. Finally we have the Blue Marine, a submarine developed by Slippy used exclusively on Aquas for underwater combat.

Gameplay is split into two types: linear and all range. Linear puts you on a set path, offering limited movement around the visible screen and sometimes allowing you to influence the direction but ultimately the craft flies along a predetermined route to the end. All range mode instead puts you into an arena of sorts where you have full freedom to fly in any direction. These areas are limited in size, and attempting to fly out of them will cause your ship to automatically perform a 180 flip, or a U-Turn in combat terms. In single player only the Arwing is used in all range areas. Some levels actually present both modes of play, typically starting off with linear progression and then switching to all range mode for the boss battle (normal route Corneria and Sector Y both do this).

While in the levels you have a few offensive options open to you. The lasers will form the main aspect of attacking. Tapping A or B(depending on your control type) will produce laser fire, while holding it will charge a plasma bolt that can lock onto most enemies and can also take out multiple close targets. Smart bombs are limited in number and remove hit bonuses but the blast area is quite large and can be remotely detonated. For defense you can perform barrel rolls by double-tapping either shoulder button, which produces a temporary shield to deflect laser fire, which will become essential to surviving in some cases. This maneuver is extremely useful on combat levels like Area 6 and Sector X.

Pickups can be obtained while flying to help you out, either by finding them, as rewards for completing tasks or whenever ROB calls you and you respond. Laser upgrades can be obtained to boost firepower (the landmaster cannot use upgraded lasers but any previously held upgrades will carry over to the next non-landmaster mission if no lives are lost), extra smart bombs can be acquired, rings can be gained to restore health or to increase the shield gauge size and wing repairs can be picked up if the Arwing should lose a wing.

An interesting mechanic to the game is the Arwing's ability to lose a wing if too much damage is taken on. In normal mode this means several crashes with solid objects, but in expert mode a single collision will rip a wing clean off. Flying ability is slightly hindered but the main issue is that lasers are reduced to single and cannot be upgraded until the wing is repaired.

As well as simply surviving players can aim to gain medals on each level. Defeating enemies earns you hit points, and group kills or defeating special enemies can earn you bigger bonuses. Each level has a score target to reach that awards a medal for hitting it. In addition your three allies must survive the level, which can be a little tricky as they often get into trouble and require saving. As well as bragging rights you can unlock extra stuff by earning medals. You can also aim to earn different colored medals in a new mode called Score Attack. This lets you play any level that you have played in the Main Game and shoot for the medal score. You must complete the Main Game once to unlock this mode.

There is also a training mode for players to practice in. This mode is limited to the Arwing and has one course, which is filled with obstacles to avoid and rings to fly through, ending in an all range mode area which pours in infinite enemies to practice shooting. This is required to be played before the Main Game can be attempted. ROB will guide you through the level and thoroughly explain the controls to you.

[edit] Battle Mode

Star Fox 64 3D's Battle Mode is the game's Multiplayer mode. This can either be played alone or with others via Download Play. Any unfilled slots will be filled by AI controlled players. Players can opt to use the built-in 3DS camera to show themselves rather than their in-game pilot.

Unlike Star Fox 64, you can only use the Arwing and they are distinguished by having different colors in design, boost, power-up, and laser fire. Also, Barrel Rolls will now take up a slight amount of room in the boost meter whereas they don't affect this meter in Single Player Modes. There are three different sets of rules in Battle Mode. In Survival Mode, each player is given one life and the last player still flying is declared the winner. Sudden Death ensues if there is more than one player remaining when time expires. In Points Mode players must get to a set number of points first to be declared the winner. In Time Mode, players compete to earn the most points in a set amount of time. This is the only mode in which ties are possible. Each gametype can be customized to a mild extent and the customizable things are listed and explained below:

  • Time/Points Limit: Time can be set to 2, 3, or 5 minutes when playing Survival Mode while it can be set to 3, 5, or 7 minutes in a Time Battle. The set number of points to achieve in Points Battles can be set to 3, 5, or 7.
  • Items: This determines the types of items you can use. This can be set to Classic or Power-Up.
  • COM: Sets the difficulty level of AI controlled players. Available options are Normal, Advanced, Expert, and Off(when other players are present only)
  • Stage: This determines the map you will battle on. You can choose from Meteo, Corneria, or Venom. You can also allow the stage to be randomly selected.
  • Player Icons: This option allows you to either always see player icons or only see them if they are close by.
  • Shield Gauge: This can be adjusted as a handicap of sorts. This basically determines how much health you can have. It can be set to Small, Normal, or Large depending on skill level.

[edit] Power-Ups

The types of Power-Ups that appear in Battle Mode are determined by the item setting you choose. When it's set to Classic, only items that appeared in Star Fox 64 will appear in the match. This includes the Star, silver rings, wing repair, laser upgrade, and smart bomb. If Power-Up is the option chosen, then mystery boxes will appear with other new Power-Ups besides the Smart Bomb. These power-ups include a Force Field, Cloak, Slow Burr, Supernova, Homing Missile, Transposer, Stealth Mine, and Firebird.

[edit] Score Attack

Score Attack is a gameplay mode that is unlocked after going through the Main Game once. In Score Attack, you can pick any level that you have cleared in the Main Game and shoot for the medal score. Unlike in the main game, there are 3 different colored medals to shoot for. These colors are bronze, silver, and gold. Bronze is the easiest color to get with gold being the hardest medal to get. The silver medal is earned by getting the medal score in the Main Game for each level.

[edit] Controls

There are two types of controls that can be used during Gameplay.

[edit] Nintendo 3DS Controls

  • A Button = Fire laser
  • B Button = Use Brakes
  • X Button = Increase Speed
  • Y Button = Use a Smart Bomb
  • Gyro Controls = Use the built in Gyroscope of the 3DS instead of the Circle Pad. Can be turned on or off.

[edit] Nintendo 64 Controls

  • A Button = Use Brakes
  • B Button = Fire Laser
  • X Button = Increase Speed
  • Y Button = Use a Smart Bomb

[edit] The Lylat System

Main Article: Lylat System
Easy (Blue path - bottom)
Corneria ~ Meteo ~ Fortuna ~ Sector X ~ Titania ~ Bolse Defence Satellite ~ Venom I
Medium (Yellow path - middle)
Katina ~ Solar ~ Macbeth
Hard (Red path - top)
Sector Y ~ Aquas ~ Zoness ~ Sector Z ~ Area 6 ~ Venom 2

Gameplay always starts on Corneria and ends on one of two Venom stages. The player passes through a total of seven levels per playthrough, including these two. Because of this it is possible to play a mixture of easy, normal and hard missions in a single run.

[edit] Character Cast

[edit] Vehicles

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