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Solar is a planet in the Lylat System that the Star Fox Team goes to in Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D in an attempt to take out the enemy's bio-weapon. This is an extremely dangerous level as the Arwing's shield gauge constantly drops due to the sheer heat of the level. As Peppy will instruct you, shoot the rocks to get silver rings to keep your health up. A flashing yellow rock contains a gold ring, so destroy them if at all possible. Charge Shots and Smart Bombs are good to use as most of the enemies on this level will attack in groups. The hardest part of the level before the boss is shortly after the checkpoint. Falco will be chased by 3 enemy bird-like creatures and is forced to fly dangerously low in an attempt to shake free. Have a charge shot ready to lock and load so he doesn't take too much damage.

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100 hits

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This is the enemy's bio-weapon and is quite annoying thanks to your shield gauge slowly dropping. Avoid the swings of his arms and shoot them with your lasers. Luckily, Vulcain will sometimes spit out a large group of rocks that you can shoot to replenish your shield gauge. Once his arms are taken out, aim for Vulcain's head relentlessly. Watch out when it jumps in the air and spins as a large group of small fireballs will come out. It's hard to dodge this attack, but do what you can to take as little damage as possible. It is worthy to note that you will not die if your shield gauge is empty unless you are hit by an attack from Vulcain. Once you defeat Vulcain, the team will move on to Macbeth.

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