Shogun Warriors

Shogun Warriors
ShogunWarriors.jpgShogun Warriors as they appear in Star Fox 64
Stage:Sector Y (Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D
Weapon(s):Laser Pistol

[edit] Basic Information

The Shogun Warriors are encountered after navigating through the Sector Y stage in Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D. Once you make your way out of the combat zone, Slippy will notice something different up ahead and alert the Star Fox Team. Fox will then call for the team to go into all-range mode to fight the Shogun Warriors.

[edit] Tactics

The Shogun Warriors are each equipped with a Laser Pistol and are faster than the other enemies you faced on this level. You will not be able to lock on with Charge Shots due to the speed of these enemies. To defeat them, you must simply fire off your lasers once you have one in your sights. If you can't take one out in one round of laser fire, create a little distance between them and yourself and use a U-Turn for a second round. Each Shogun Warrior will give off a Hit+3 when you destroy them. Also be wary of them ramming into you as this is also a method of attack for them. Defeat them to face the final boss of the level.

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