Sector Z


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  • Course: 3

This is another area which is plagued with space junk of the advnaced technology of the Lylat System, but this is in outer space, and the junk is somehow crystalized by Andross' forces,making it very difficult to avoid them.

[edit] Overview(Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D)

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Sector Z is one of the many levels in Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D. In this level, the Great Fox is ambushed by Venomian forces and the Star Fox Team must fend off enemies which include 6 missles aimed at the Great Fox.

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[edit] Medal

100 hits

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[edit] Boss

Interplanetary Cruise Missiles; Copperheads. There are 6 of these missiles that you must shoot down before they can make contact with the Great Fox. The 1st missile will be by itself and Falco will immediately go after it if he isn't being chased by an enemy. Help him destroy it and proceed to take out the rest of the enemies. A little time will elapse before ROB will alert the team of two more missiles headed for the Great Fox. Another round of enemy fighter crafts will also come to make it more challenging as your wingmates will often have to break off of taking out the missiles due to being chased by the new enemies. Take out the 2 missiles and free your wingmates before the last 3 missiles come. It will often take the whole team to get rid of this round of missiles. If you thwart the threat and destroy all missiles, you can proceed to Area 6. However, if a missile manages to hit the Great Fox, you will be forced to head to the Bolse Defence Satellite.

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