Sector X


[edit] Overview (Star Fox)

  • Course: 2

This is an area above Corneria that is filled with space junk which the Star Fox Team has to avoid, however this also poses a problem for Andross' forces as they intend to clear the space junk and prepair another invasion of Corneria.

[edit] Overview (Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D)

[edit] Description

The Star Fox Team investigates the Sector X combat zone after General Pepper informs them that Andross is possibly working on a secret weapon of sorts. There are numerous enemies that you will encounter here, so be sure you have 3-4 Smart Bombs at the start of the level as they will come in handy. Floating objects litter the level and can be quite a pain in some parts of the level. Navigate through the level to face the secret weapon that Andross has been working on.

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[edit] Medal

150 hits

[edit] Secrets

Warp to Sector Z

A little past halfway through the level, you will come to a junction where you can go either left or right. Take the left path to try and get to the warp successfully. After a little ways, Falco will notice the warp and tell Fox to hit the 4 gates with the Arwing's laser fire. If you came from Katina then Bill will come to assist you. Enemies will appear at bad times to make it harder for you. If you manage to open the first 3 gates successfully, Falco will tell you that there's just one more to go. If you hit the 4th gate and open it successfully, then you will proceed to warp to Sector Z.

[edit] Boss

Spyborg. This boss is the secret weapon Andross has reportedly been working on. It will come up from behind with Falco being the first to notice it. It will settle in front of Fox. To take it out, you must shoot the head when the eyes are turned toward you. When you get it down to half health, it will appear to be defeated as its health bar will immediately drop to 0. However, it will then rise back up ready for more. Slippy will attempt to handle it himself as Peppy tries to call him off. Whether Spyborg is able to take out Slippy or not will determine where you go from here. If you take out Spyborg before it gets a chance to attack Slippy, then you will head to Macbeth. However, if Slippy gets taken out by Spyborg, then you will be forced to rescue him on Titania. Keep in mind that you can still go to Macbeth if Slippy is not around at this point to trigger this event.

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