Sarumarine as it appears in Star Fox 64.
Game AppearancesStar Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D
Weapon(s)Explosives, barrels primarily. Spiked ball with a chain. Laser blasts.

Sarumarine is the boss that the Star Fox Team faces upon invading the enemy base at Zoness in Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D. Sarumarine is able to submerge and emerge from the water and is the only boss where Smart Bombs are absolutely required. He also has quite the personality for a boss in these games as he speaks much like a pirate would.


[edit] Tactics

[edit] Phase 1

During the first phase, you will need to focus your attention to the thick armor that the Sarumarine possesses. To break apart its armor, you will have to use Smart Bombs as regular laser fire is incapable of penetrating while the armor is still there. Aim for the openings where the explosive barrels are released from to cause damage and replenish your Smart Bombs as you fire them. To keep the Sarumarine from submerging, aim for the exhaust pipes as once they are destroyed, the Sarumarine will be unable to submerge. While it is submerged, you can aim for the periscope to keep the Sarumarine's pilot from seeing anything. It will still launch the spiked ball, but the accuracy of it will be greatly reduced. The Sarumarine can use its crane to salvage parts that you break off. Like with its other armor parts, use Smart Bombs to take out the crane and prevent this. Once all armor has been destroyed, you will enter the second phase of the fight.

[edit] Phase 2

This is a rather short phase, but one that can be annoying if you're not careful. Once all armor has been destroyed, the Sarumarine will launch a continuous twin laser while also launching the spike ball. Avoid the spike ball and just aim your laser fire at any part of the Sarumarine you can get a clear shot at. Once the Sarumarine is destroyed, the Star Fox Team will move on to Sector Z or Macbeth depending on choices made earlier in the Zoness level.

[edit] Trivia

The Sarumarine shares its name with the Andross look-alike, Saru who was slated to appear in the cancelled Star Fox 2. This may hint at the pilot being the same Saru who was supposed to appear in that game.

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