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[edit] Overview

Peppy is a half human half hare character, who is effectively the senior member of the Star Fox team. Peppy was a member of the original team before Fox took over, but when Pigma Dengar betrayed the team at Venom Peppy managed to escape and returned home to tell Fox of his father's fate. From that point he retained his position as a Star Fox pilot to assist Fox in his missions, keeping the "right hand man" title.

At some point after Andross' defeat Peppy retired from an active pilot's role and became more of an adviser for the team. Krystal took his piloting spot on the team.

As the most experienced member of the team Peppy possesses a vast amount of knowledge about piloting the Arwings. He often comes in over the radio to offer advice, such as the infamous 'Do a barrel roll' quote. His piloting skills aren't quite as sharp as Fox or Falco and he tends to be more cautious than his fellow pilots, but he manages to hold his own effectively anyway.

According to Star Fox Command, Peppy has a daughter called Lucy and had a wife called Vivian, who passed away.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Star Fox

Peppy is one of the supporting pilots who joins Fox on his journey to Venom. The events in this game differ slightly from the remade 64 version. As such, the back story involving flying with the original team doesn't exist in this game.

[edit] Star Fox 64

Peppy is once again a supporting pilot for Fox, and here the back story of the original team is included. Peppy is often the pilot that advises Fox on what course of action to take, and sometimes makes references to his past.

[edit] Star Fox Adventures

Although not taking an active role in the game, Peppy acts as an adviser for Fox from on board the Great Fox.

[edit] Star Fox: Assault

Peppy is no longer an active pilot, with his seat now filled by Krystal. He instead continues to act in an advisory role for the team.

[edit] Star Fox Command

Here General Pepper has fallen ill, and Peppy is brought in to replace him as head of the Cornerian Army. When Fox finds himself up against a new threat from Venom, Peppy heads in to assist his old friend. Peppy pilots an Arwing that is a superior model to Fox's, boasting twin laswers, single lock-on, two bombs, good shields and excellent boost.

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Melee

Much like Slippy, Peppy has a few cameo appearances in this game. He is also one of the game's many trophies that can be collected. In addition, Peppy will also speak over the Arwing radio, both at the Star Fox stage in Adventure mode and when either Fox or Falco trigger their special taunt on the Corneria or Venom stages.

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