Meteo Crusher

Meteo Crusher
Meteo Crusher as it appears in Star Fox 64
Stage:Meteo (Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D
Sector X Star Fox
Weapon(s):Four cannons on either side, single rapid fire cannon in the center


[edit] Basic Information

Meteo Crushers, also known as Rock Crushers, are utility ships designed to crush asteroids and unwanted planets in the Asteroid Field and extract the rare ore and minerals within them to help the Venomain forces develop unique weapons.

[edit] Tactics

[edit] Star Fox

Meteo Crushers are encountered on the Sector X level of the original Star Fox game. The player must destroy the cluster of four cannons in order to detach the Meteo Crusher's heavy body from the main core. At this point, the player should proceed to fire at the main core while avoiding the single rapid fire cannon's laser fire.

[edit] Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D

The Star Fox Team encounters a Meteo Crusher as a boss of the Meteo level in both of these games. There is a shield to the core that the team must take out first. To do this, aim for the small yellow area that is open. After taking out all of these areas, the shield will detach from the core. Watch out for the laser cannon in the center as it will shoot out a lightning-like laser at you in an attempt to stop your attacks. Sway to either side and hang there while this laser is being used. Once it stops, move back toward the center and keep attacking the core. Once the Meteo Crusher's health has been dropped to half, the pilot will admit defeat in an attempt to fool the player. If Falco survived through the level, he will expose the pilot's lies and alert Fox to a likely sneak attack. If Falco is not with you at this point, don't let down your guard and avoid the twin ring lasers that will come from either side. You will want to destroy the last 2 yellow marks to finish off the remainder of the Meteo Crusher's core. Upon defeat, the pilot will call the Star Fox team scum before exploding. You will get a Hit+10 or Hit+5 depending on the amount of time it took to emerge victorious and the team will move on to Fichina.

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