Mechbeth as it appears in Star Fox 64.
Game AppearancesStar Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D
Weapon(s)Scooping with its tail to bite the Landmaster. Tall pillars that rain down from the sky. Shield beams.

Mechbeth is the boss faced on the Macbeth level of Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D. Unlike most bosses, Mechbeth actually does not need to be directly fought in order to defeat him. There are two methods that one can use to defeat Mechbeth and the choice will ultimately determine where the Star Fox Team goes to after Macbeth.


[edit] Method 1

Just before the train master unleashes Mechbeth, Falco will spot the fuel bunker on the right side. Peppy will then tell Fox to shoot the eight switches up ahead to open the lock for the switcher. If you come to Macbeth from Zoness, then Katt will shoot switch two and switch five for you. Upon shooting the fifth switch, the train master will release Mechbeth in an attempt to stop you. At this point, Falco will come to your aid from the air and shoot the eighth switch if he is still around. Once you shoot all eight switches, Peppy will instruct you to hit the switcher. Avoid Mechbeth here as it will try to scoop up the Landmaster. Simply barrel roll to your left so you can avoid it while still keeping a good shooting angle on the switcher. Once you shoot the switcher, the train will crash into the fuel bunker and give you a Hit+50 bonus. Once you do this, the Star Fox Team can move on to Area 6.

[edit] Method 2

[edit] Phase 1

The alternate method of defeating Mechbeth is to simply fight it head-on like you would any other boss. The main method of causing damage to it is to aim for the head and mouth areas. It will commonly drop large pillars from the sky to block your laser fire. When it moves in to try and scoop you up and bite you, barrel roll in the direction you're leaning to in order to avoid the attack. Once you destroy the head and mouth areas, Mechbeth will enter its second phase.

[edit] Phase 2

This is where it becomes much harder for multiple reasons. First and foremost, Peppy will often get in trouble at the start of the second phase. Save him and then focus on taking out Mechbeth once and for all. To make it vulnerable in this phase, you have to shoot the hatch at the back of the train when it opens up. Be careful of small blocks that let out energy beams if you get too close. Avoid these and continue to look to make Mechbeth vulnerable. Once you have defeated Mechbeth, the Star Fox Team can move on to Bolse.

[edit] Trivia

When he brings out Mechbeth, the train master says, "I didn't expect to have to use this. You're very lucky!", which suggests that he uses Mechbeth as a last resort option to stop the Star Fox Team.

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