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This planet is an extremely seismicly acitve planet with large earthquakes and lots of active volcanoes and it even has an atmosphere so dense that even things can be suspended in the air. Andross is looking forward to use the scisimicity of the planet to build a base and enhance his forces.

[edit] Overview (Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D)

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Macbeth is one of the two levels that Fox uses the Landmaster to attack the enemies. Here, the Star Fox Team attempts to invade the enemy base and cut off supplies for the enemy. Your mission is to locate the base's fuel bunker and take it out. You will encounter a train conviniently named "The Forever Train" as you will see it from the beginning of the level to the finish.

[edit] Difficulty

Medium(Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D)

[edit] Vehicle


[edit] Medal

150 hits(Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D)

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[edit] Boss


This is the only boss in the game that you don't have to directly face. Just before the train man reveals Mechbeth, Falco will spot the fuel bunker on the right side and Peppy will instruct you to shoot the eight switches to open the lock to the switcher up ahead. After taking out the 5th switch, the train man will unleash Mechbeth in an attempt to stop you. If Falco is around, he will take care of the 8th switch for you as you try to navigate to the 7th switch. If you successfully shoot all eight switches, Peppy will then instruct you to shoot the switcher. Around this point, Mechbeth will attempt to get you off course by picking you up and biting you. Simply Barrel Roll to your left to keep a good angle on the switcher while avoiding the attack. Once you hit the switcher, Peppy will praise Fox for a job well done, and the train will crash into the fuel bunker, resulting in a Hit+50 and access to the Area 6 level. Note that if you come from Zoness, Katt will assist you by taking out the two switches on the left side of the train tracks, thus allowing you to focus on the right side until the 7th switch.
If you choose not to shoot the eight switches or simply miss one, you will need to take on Mechbeth directly to complete the level. Aim for the head and mouth area to inflict damage. Peppy will be chased after by enemy aircrafts in a couple of instances if he's still around at this point, so be sure to save him as quickly as possible as needed. Once the Mechbeth is low enough on health, shoot the rear of the train when it is open to cause Mechbeth to spin wildly out of control, thus allowing you to shoot its back. Once you destroy Mechbeth, the team will move out to Bolse.

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