Katt Monroe

Katt Monroe as she appears in Star Fox Command


[edit] Overview

Katt is a female feline and a skilled solo mercenary who has appeared a few times to assist the Star Fox team with their troubles. She has some history with Falco but it's never made clear how they were involved, although in present times she appears to have some feelings of affection to Falco.

Katt's appearance has changed drastically between appearances. In Star Fox 64 she was clearly pink in appearance with wide eyes, but her appearance in Star Fox Command shows her with grey fur, narrow eyes and wearing a bandana.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Star Fox 64

Katt first appears to the team as they pass through Zoness, assisting in shooting out the spotlights. By going through Zoness Katt then reappears in either Sector Z to assist in shooting down the missiles or in Macbeth to pick off the odd enemy.

[edit] Star Fox Command

Katt tends to appear along story paths that focus on Falco. She sweeps in to asisst him while he is away from the rest of the team. Despite Falco's cold attitude at the end of one mission she still returns later on, demonstrating that her affections haven't changed. Katt flies the Cat's Paw Mk II that is the only ship to have an arc laser, along with a single lock, 2 bombs, average shields and good boost.

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