Great Commander

Great Commander 1.png
Stage:Venom (Orbit & Surface) (Course 3)
Weapons:Laser, Plasma, Iron Balls


[edit] Overview (Orbit)

This one of the other Andross' elite weapons, and by far Andross' greatest weapons to use in his arsenal, it shoots lasers from its top, and plasma from the 6 turrets mounted on the sides.

[edit] Tatics (Orbit)

This is (pound for pound) the most difficult boss you will ever face in this game (or any game for that matter). It will start by shooting at you before it actually assembles, avoid the lasers and watch when the commander assembles. As soon as it assembles, the real battle begins. Its weak points are its plasma turrets that are on the commander's sides. It will be very difficult to target them as the commander comes in very fast and not all of them will be open as you try to shoot at them. After you destroy 3 turrets, it will shoot more plasma at you from the top, making it more difficult to target the turrets. Keep at it until it is destroyed.

  • Note: Make sure you have the level 2 twin blasters, and some nova bombs before you battle the Great Commander.
Great Commander 2.png

[edit] Overview (Surface)

The Great Commander is ready for round 2 for another difficult fight with you, this time it will convert into a weird robotic creature that will shoot iron balls at you that will do major damage, and as the bottom is destroyed will use its mid-section to attack while its top flies around.

[edit] Tatics (surface)

The Great commander's surface form is just as difficult as its orbit form, but this time it will convert into a creture robot, that shoots iron balls from its arms that does major damage, its only exosed area it is bottom, which has a door that opens and closes, this will be difficult to target as you will also be taking your time avoiding the iron balls, and the more damage it takes the more iron balls it throws at you. As soon as the bottom is destroyed, its mid section will come off and will attack you by spinning and coming towards you, your target should be the top, but since it is fast moving and small it is a difficult target to aim for, but as soon as you destroy the top the commander will admit defeat.

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