Granga as it appears in Star Fox 64
Stage:Corneria (Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D
Weapon(s):Cannons on its underside, pods on its shoulders and back that fire missiles

[edit] Basic Information

Granga, or Urban Assault Weapeon Granga as it's called in Star Fox 64 3D, is the boss you face on Corneria in Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D if you take the "easy" path through the level. Granga works for Andross and pilots a mech robot that is several stories tall. After getting through most of the level, Slippy and Falco will notice an enemy robot up ahead. Fox will command the team to enter all-range mode to take on Granga.

[edit] Tactics

Granga is probably the easiest boss you encounter in each game. The easiest way to take him on is to simply take out his legs by use of repeated laser fire. Once you have been able to take out his legs, you can aim for what seems to be the power source of Granga's robot. Shooting that power source will take him out very quickly. Once defeated, Granga will shout the words "My emperor! I've failed you!" as his robot explodes. You will get a Hit+10 bonus before proceeding onward to Meteo.

[edit] Trivia

  • It is believed that Granga leads the ground forces that invade Corneria for Andross.
  • The player can earn an extra life by doing a somersault over and beneath Granga without any collisions.
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