Gorgon as it appears in Star Fox 64.
Game AppearancesStar Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D
LocationArea 6
Weapon(s)Wide hyper beam-like laser. Tentacles. Homing missiles and fighters.

Gorgon is the boss that the Star Fox Team faces as they near Venom from Area 6. It is a disk-shaped machine with 3 long tentacles, a hard outer shell that is immune to all attacks, and a small, vulnerable core in the center. This is thought of by many as the second most difficult boss to defeat in the entire game.

[edit] Tactics

[edit] Phase 1

Gorgon's first phase is quite a long and repetitive one. It will start by opening its outer shell and revealing three "energy balls" that you must destroy with laser fire. Once destroyed, Gorgon will close the shell and you will then need to shoot out its three tentacles. At this point, you will need to watch out for it launching its tentacles at you as well as unloading heat-seeking missiles. Many of these missiles do give out Silver Rings that will help replenish your shield gauge. This process will be repeated at least three times with enemy fighters sometimes being deployed instead of the missiles. The third time the energy balls need to be destroyed, it will be much more difficult as Gorgon will not only get in-close to you, but it will also move around a lot to make it difficult to focus your laser fire. After you go through the third round of destroying the energy balls and tentacles, Gorgon will unleash its most deadly attack. Here, it will launch a screen-filling hyper laser that is nearly impossible to dodge. Your best bet is to go to the lower left or lower right corner and stay there until the attack is over. While you still will sometimes take damage, it is the safest place to be. After the hyper laser, phase 2 begins.

[edit] Phase 2

The second phase is much easier than the first. At this point, the core will finally be vulnerable and you can simply aim laser and Smart Bomb fire at it continuously. Take too long, and it will utilize the hyper laser again, so finish it off quickly. Once Gorgon is defeated, the Star Fox Team will head off for the final battle with Andross at Venom.

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